What is The One Big Village?

Kanye L. Gardner – Founder – Had the vision to create an organization that sole purpose of bringing people that are in business, education, and wellness together so that they can share their knowledge and abilities with the world that will lead to helping others within the community.

He is known among his family, friends, and colleagues as “A CONNECTOR” and the glue that has a vested interest in seeing others succeed. His ability to bring groups together has helped him be successful in his professional and personal life.  He continuously looks for ways in which he can improve along with finding what to help others find their full potential.

He believes in the philosophy of it takes a village to help individuals grow. He sees that everyone should be entitled to have a strong village and this is why he created The One Big Village as a tool that individuals can come to that will help their growth potential.

What do we do?

The One Big Village is a resource to find a mentor or life coach to help and guide you towards your pathway toward excellence.

Kanye has been life coaching for about 10 years.

He has led, mentored, coached, and developed young people for 20 years. He finds himself as a subject matter expert in common sense and life.

We will use life lessons and data evidence to plant seeds of knowledge so that you can grow to your fullest potential and share your gifts with the world.

Kanye’ 4 Life lessons:

  1. First, Keep God as your compass. If you ever used a compass the first thing you look for is where it north. It’s not hiding, it’s always the same direction. It never deviates, it never changes, it is always north. That who God is He is always there. However, a man without God is lost.
  2. Second, You can not be the smartest person in your village. Surround yourself with unique minded and creative people to help you grow. If you are the smartest one in your pack who will ever help you grow. If you can not learn anything from your village then come be a part of this one.
  3. Next, find a coach to help lead and guide you. There are traditional ones like in athletics, family (father uncles), and peers. John Wooden is the perfect mentor and coach. He was a great father as well as the best Life Coach that ever lived.
  4. Finally, words to live by. Never Whine, Complain, make excuses, Lie, Cheat, or Steal for your reputation will be forever solidified by these. – Kanye L. Gardner

The One Big Village, LLC would like for you to be a part of the village. Please come and share the gifts that God has given you with others so that they can learn and grow with you.