The One Big Village Founder

Who is Kanye L. Gardner?

Kanye L. Gardner is a forward-thinking and purpose-driven Supply Chain Management and Organizational Development Specialist with 20 years of experience. He has led various dynamic teams within several complex organizations with proven success.  Kanye has a true understanding of the discipline of Continuous Improvement Methodology & Supply Chain Management (Procurement, Planning & Scheduling, Operations, Fiscal Responsibility). He has delivered results throughout his career through a continued pursuit of excellence.

He is currently the Director of Continuous Quality Improvement for Office of Assessment, Accreditation & Continuous Quality Improvement Wayne State University School of Medicine. Kanye has a true understanding of the student experience not only as a former student-athlete but as a person being born, raised, and educated in Detroit.

In addition to Kanye’s professional background, he has been coaching high school football since 2002. He is currently working with Cass Technical High School. He has led mentor and leadership programs at Penske and Ryder. Currently, he works with The Network – WSU Faculty and Administration led – Student Mentorship Program. Also, WSU PwC MPREP Scholars – WSU School of Business Mentorship program. Finally, he volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors for CoachesCare.Coach – 501c – Organization focusing on Coaches, Coaching & Community.